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Somerset County AA/NA Meetings

The success for a person in recovery is increased by participation of family and loved ones. At Somerset Single County Authority for Drug and Alcohol, our hope is for treatment to become a family affair because we understand that the heartache and pains of addiction are passed along to the ones we love. Take part in our local meetings to help enhance your recovery environment. 

Find a local AA meeting click HERE

Find a local NA meeting click HERE

Laurel Mountain Highlands Area NA website



 Hugs Not Drugs

7-8 PM NA Meeting
Discussion, Open
Grace United Methodist Church

320 Felgar Rd. Somerset PA 15501


Monday Night Salvation Group

7 PM AA Meeting

Open, Discussion, Confirmed In-Person

St. Paul United Church Of Christ
202 W Union St. Somerset, 15501

 Simplicity is the Key

7-8 PM NA Meeting

Open, Literature,

Somerset Church of Christ

310 S. Kimberly Ave. Somerset PA 15501

SMART Recovery meeting

6-7 PM 

Open Rhodes 2 Recovery

531 N. Center Ave. Ste 103

Somerset PA 15501

Attitude Of Gratitude

7-8 PM NA Meeting

Discussion, Speaker, Lit, Open

First United Methodist Church

149 W. Patriot St. Somerset, PA 15501

Tuesday Nooners

12PM AA Meeting

Open, Discussion

139 East Main Street Somerset, PA 15501

Celebrate Recovery


Christ Centered Recovery

Somerset Church of God

1020 W. Main Street Somerset, PA 15501


A New Hope Group

8 PM AA Meeting

Open, Big Book, Confirmed In-Person

St Francis In The Fields Church
2081 Husband Rd. Somerset, 15501

The Basics

7-8 PM NA Meeting

St.Paul's Presbyterian Church 

1845 N. Center Ave Somerset PA 15501


Saturday Night Faith Group


Friedens Lutheran Church

131 S. Main St. Friedens PA 15541

SMART Recovery meeting

8:30-10 AM 

Open Rhodes 2 Recovery

531 N. Center Ave. Ste 103

Somerset PA 15501


  Thursday Night Serenity Group​

8 PM AA Meeting 

Open, 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, Confirmed in person

St. Paul's United Church of Christ 

202 W. Union St. Somerset

 Principles Before Personalities

7- 8:10 PM NA Meeting 

Format Varies, Open, Discussion

Somerset Anglican Fellowship

132 E. Union St. Somerset PA 15501


Promise Is Freedom

7-8 PM NA Meeting

Format varies, Open

St. Peter's Church

433 West Church St. Somerset, PA 15501

Beal Counseling & Consulting provides Living in Balance a recovery support group Thursdays at 6:00pm at Friedens Lutheran Church, 131 S. Main St., Friedens, PA 15541. This group welcomes those who are in recovery from addiction and their family members/friends

Twin Lakes Center provides a Family Support Group for family members and loved ones of individuals struggling with substance abuse. Tuesday at 6:00pm at  Somerset Anglican Fellowship Church 132 E. Union St., Somerset, PA 15501.  For more information contact 814-443-1754 ext 223

Sage's Army- Support Organization for Families


Online Options for support 

Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous (MARA)  Online Meetings
Do you use prescribed medication to treat various drug and alcohol use disorders?  Many people who utilize evidence-based science to aid in their recovery sometimes feel uncomfortable in their day to day lives.  Additionally, a multitude of people on this healing path have even felt unwelcome at traditional recovery meetings.  We understand.  At Medication-Assisted Recovery Anonymous (MARA), you're always welcome!

Recovery Support - online/phone meetings


WEconnect and Unity Recovery are partnering to offer four daily all-recovery meetings worldwide. Meetings will follow an open format and are available to anyone in or seeking recovery. Join the calls at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. EST daily at

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