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What we offer
How we can help you

Our services are entirely voluntary — Our services are available for clients who do not have insurance, are eligible for medical assistance, or who do not have private medical insurance that covers substance abuse treatment. A sliding fee scale is used for clients who have an income but are currently unable to pay for the cost of treatment.

How to access services

How to access services

Call for Service and Request Screening/Assessment

Client and/or outside referral source will call 814-445-1530 to schedule an appointment for an assessment/evaluation. Referral sources include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • local hospitals 

  • court system

  • county jail

  • Tableland 

  • CYS, etc.

Assessment Appointment Scheduled

Clients are scheduled for an appointment according to the following guidelines: “Emergent Care” and "Priority Population" which include the following:

Pregnant woman who inject drugs

 Pregnant women who use substances

Persons who inject drugs

 Overdose Survivors



Clients falling in those categories will be scheduled for an assessment within 48 hours. All other clients seeking outpatient levels of care services are scheduled within 7 working days or are given the earliest available appointment.

Assessment and SCA Funding for Treatment Services

Clients are offered appointments within the time frame standards and are seen at the office. Clients referred from an outside source can be seen at the County Jail and Hospital. Upon completion of the assessment clients will be assisted in completing the medical assistance paperwork to obtain MA insurance coverage.

Referral to a Treatment Facility

Once a client has completed and met all requirements for SCA funding, the client is referred to an SCA contracted treatment facility of their choice and a bed date is scheduled for the client at the time of their initial assessment. At this time, transportation is arranged to ensure that all barriers to treatment are addressed. 

To access treatment services during non-business hours, evenings and holidays, an Accessline line and staff are on-call, thereby providing 24-hour emergency care response for clients and hospitals. These after hour services can be accessed by calling 1-800-452-0218.

The providers that the Somerset SCA currently contracts with are:  

Allegiance Rehab, Alliance Medical Center, Beal Counseling,  Eagleville Hospital, Huntington Creek, The Family Center, Firetree, Gateway, Greenbriar, Gaudenzia, Huntington Creek,  Impact Counseling , The Learning Lamp, Mainline Pharmacy, Next Step Center, Outside In, Peerstar, LLC., Pyramid, Roxbury, Sojourner House, Twin Lakes Center, Valley Forge Medical Center, and White Deer Run/ Cove Forge

Types of Services 


Case Management/Coordination of Services
Confidential and Comprehensive

All SCA clients are screened, assessed, and referred to an appropriate treatment level of care within SCA guidelines. SCA monitors progress throughout the treatment process, coordinates discharges planning, and develops aftercare plans that optimize continued sobriety. The SCA case managers coordinate the delivery of health, substance use, mental health, and social services, by linking individuals with appropriate services to address specific needs.

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