Presentations for Medical Professionals: Treatment for Patients with Opioids Use Disorder


(Please disregard the CME and CNE information at the beginning and end, no credits are given for watching these recorded presentation)

-Pain Management and the Management of Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care 1 hour recorded presentation from UPMC, target audience is medical professionals 

Presentation by: 

Jane Liebschultz, MD, MPH, FACP 

Professor of Medicine

Chief, Division of general Internal Medicine

UPMC, University of Pittsburgh

-Addiction Care for the Non-Addiction Provider Part 3 Opioid Use Disorder Management-45 minute recorded presentation from UPMC Health plan, target audience is medical professionals

Presentation by: 

Michael Lynch, MD Medical Director, Pittsburgh Poison Center 

Medical Director, UPMC Health Plan Substance Use Disorder Services 

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Toxicology, Pediatrics, and Addiction 

University of Pittsburgh